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Great For Kids!!!

HOOK-UPS are the exciting new kids shoelaces alternative that not only will have your kids saying they are "cool shoelaces", but that they are also "fun shoelaces" too! T hey combine function and fashion to give your footwear a fun new cool look!

Kids Shoe Fasteners

HOOK-UPS are sanitary! How many times have you seen someone come out of a public restroom and noticed one of their shoes is untied? Now imagine the germs that lace has been dragged through and when it's re-tied those germs are transferred to fingers and potentially on to mouth and eyes, especially with kids. That's not a worry with HOOK-UPS.



Kids Shoe Lace Replacement

Teachers love it when their students wear HOOK-UPS. Imagine the time saved when young students whose shoes always seem to come untied don't have to ask their teacher for help tying them.

  • Change Laces to Slip-Ons 
  • Easy for Kids 
  • Great for Athletes 
  • No Laces to Trip Over 
  • Patented & Trademarked 
  • Fits Most Shoes 

Great looking, cool, fun, and sanitary design. Equal and constant tension for unmatched comfort and support. Easy to slide shoes on and off. No more untied laces to trip over or pick up and spread germs.  

Just the best kids shoelaces alternative ever invented!


Shoe Sizes 5-8 only $14.99
Choose Your Colors
Shoe Sizes 9-12 only $14.99
Choose Your Colors

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Hook Ups




Shoelace Replacement


 No Tie Laces


"Hook-Ups are the greatest thing since sliced bread!. They look cool and make my shoes fit better and easier to get on and off...
I love em!!!

- - Rich C, FL

"WOW! I can't tell you how much I like your product. Spend a lot of time driving and my shoes would just kill my feet. I was constantly adjusting my shoelaces to relieve the pain. Now I can drive all day and never think of my feet once.
Great idea!"

- - Ray B, NY

"Awesome. I tried these on a whim and found them to be so comfortable and
easy to use that I now have them on my three pairs of athletic shoes. I hear
'where can I get  some?' wherever I go."

- -A Barter - Allen, TX

"I thought I might buy a set for my elderly father hoping that his  favorite 'Tennis Shoes' would be converted to slip-ons as advertised.
I wasn't sure if they would do the trick but was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did they allow my father to easily slip into his sneakers but he loves the way they look!
Thank You!"

--Ronald G, FL

"I just wanted to thank you for producing such a unique product. I bought a set for my daughter and now she has every girl on her soccer team wondering how they can get their own Hook-Ups. Great Idea... Thanks!"

Amanda P, FL

Hook Ups for Women